Online School of Ministry

Welcome to the website for Empower School of Ministry, the online training arm of Awake Nations Ministries.

This online video school was developed to disciple and equip believers to walk as Jesus did on the earth doing the greater works He said His followers were destined to accomplish (See 1 John 2:6 and John 14:12). Through various courses of study, you will learn how to experience true intimacy with the Father, live an overcoming life, hear the voice of the Spirit, heal the sick and destroy the works of the Devil like Jesus did when He was on the earth.

Many online Ministry Schools charge thousands of dollars! Because our Lord Jesus said, “…Freely (without pay) you have received, freely (without charge) give” (Matthew 10:8, Amplified Bible) we ask for a very reasonable monthly donation amount of $40.00 USD. If you can do more than the recommended amount, you will be helping others to study in developing nations.

 Here is how it works:

The Empower School of Ministry offers two unique ways to study:
Option One: Monthly Subscription: Receive full access to all our our courses when you sign up as a monthly subscriber for only $40 per month.

Option Two: Individual Course Study: Sign up for an individual unit of study. Prices vary depending on the unit. Select the course you want to study and make the appropriate payment. A description of courses can be found at “Courses of Study.”