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  1. Halfway through modeule and am thankful and grateful for Glenn’s teaching. Reconizing a more spirit led life

  2. This is just a blessing, the teaching is really helping me to understand more and more. Thank You!

  3. Hi I have completed this module but I am unable to print certificate. When will the next module be available.

  4. Pick.up.your.cross777

    Hi Glenn, good evening and God bless you. Yeah! This training is a blessing! Thank you Jesus, hallelujah!! 😀

  5. Hi I cannot access this module as it says I have no points how do I accumulate points I have completed the Holy Spirit module along with my wife Diane but we were both stumped and unable to work out the answers to questions 9 and 10,we tried various ways to list the gifts in question 9 and the manifestations in question 10 all variables were marked wrong by the computer so we are not sure where we went wrong. Thanks for your help.


  6. Wonderful and very refreshing course. I enjoyed it alot!!! Much deeper insight on the baptism and gifts and working thereof. I love all the biblical stories that are being connected to what is being taught. All being supported by scripture.
    Thank your very much !!!

  7. Thanks for letting us know. We have corrected this. The proper video is now added. Please be advised we are having problems with the certificates. We will fix this ASAP.

  8. I have enjoyed every video on the Holy Spirit and I am going to go back through them all again in order to make sure I have everything correct in my notes. Thank you so much for these teachings!! I love stirring up the fire that is within me! Praise Gid for His Wonderful Holy Spirit!!

  9. I am not able to access pass session 2 of this course. There is no enroll button as on the other courses.

  10. I get this box:
    This content is protected, please enroll course to view this content!

  11. Isaac Bolaji Adekola

    Great Course indeed. But is there no Certificate attached to the Discipling the Nation Course sir.

  12. I want to simply say thank you very much. My eyes have just been opened and a whole different way. Looking more to the gospel of the kingdom than just the gospel Salvation it is truly eye-opening. Thanks for the course will be heading back tomorrow to start another God bless

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