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The call of the Lord during times of spiritual declension is that His people would arise and shine forth the light of the glory of the gospel. Isaiah cried out, “Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1X2).

The Church, rather than shining in the darkness, seems to be asleep in the light. Many of the cities in our nation that boast the highest churches per capita ratio, ironically, are plagued by the highest crime rates! Take the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for example. Dallas has more churches per capita than any other American city, but it also has the worst overall crime rate for cities with more than 1 million people. According to an FBI study conducted in 2006, Dallas, Texas had the highest crime rate in the nation with one crime committed for every 12 people.

It is time that we are honest and acknowledge that we in the West possess a dramatically different form of Christianity than we read about in the Book of Acts. In America, our churches are adept at pumping out large volumes of information, and yet, by and large, we see little or no transformation in the lives of those who attend our churches. Paul stated that in the Last Days, some professing Christians would be characterized as having a “form of godliness that denies the power thereof” (2 Timothy 3:5). Such people would have a semblance of faith that is void of the life-changing power of the Cross of Christ. As the New Living Translation so aptly states: “…They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly.”

Where have we gone wrong? What is needed to bring true transformation to our personal lives as well as society?


  • Read the study Notes.
  • Watch videos and video lectures.
  • Complete the practical assignments in each session.
  • Complete the final assignment.


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  1. Isaac Bolaji Adekola

    Great Course indeed. But is there no Certificate attached to the Discipling the Nation Course sir.

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