Understanding the Bible

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A basic study of the inspiration, canonization, and translations of the biblical text. The Bible was never meant to be a difficult book to read and make sense of. God intended it to be understood by all. Knowing a few essential principles to interpreting the scripture can sort out misconceptions and help grasp the real meaning of Scripture and its application to your life today.


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  • Week 1

    The Bible is the most influential thing in the lives of most Christians which is why it's so important we understand what it says. The best way to do that can be to simply just read it more but having some knowledge on HOW to read your Bible is almost just as important. I'm excited to announce this new series on understanding the Bible! We'll be focusing on Biblical Theology and the way God reveals Himself throughout Scripture.

  • Week 2

    This is the first episode of my new series called "Understanding the Bible!" I'll cover 3 terms that are foundational in how we interpret Scripture. Hermeneutics, exegesis, and eisegesis. The material I cover in this video has drastically changed how I approach reading my Bible and so I hope you learn something new as well!

  • Week 3

    There's a problem in Christian culture. It's a problem that really affects pop culture in general. The failure to separate the words disagree and disrespect. As humans, and specifically as Christians, we need to learn to love those who disagree with us. When we fail to do this, it affects our relationship with non-Christians, Christians, and with God's Word.

  • Week 4

    One of the most intimidating things about reading your Bible can be navigating all the different translations there are out there. In this video, I discuss some popular versions of the Bible focusing on how they were translated and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

  • Week 5

    How and when was the New Testament canon put together?


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